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Netbook Optimizer increases system performance and maintains security intact
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Netbook Optimizer is a comprehensive system maintenance and tune up utility for Windows that lets you optimize your operating system in order to get the best out of it and to keep your PC running like new. The program cares for different areas of your PC and makes sure that everything is kept working as it should be.

Its registry care tool can back up and repair your system registry whenever your PC jams randomly, starts up slowly, and programs run slower than they used to. The file cleaner can locate and wipe away all the junk files - including temporary system folders, Internet cookies, Internet history files, broken download files, etc. - to free up as much space as possible on your hard disk. The program can also protect your PC and your important data from online virus attacks, Trojan horses, and viruses coming along with your e-mails. Its privacy protector tool can wipe all the traces left by your online and offline activities on your PC by cleaning Windows recent file history, run menu history, recently opened document details, your web browsers passwords, etc., making sure that nobody using your computer after you can get a clue of what you were doing. The program can also automatically update all the outdated drivers of the devices installed on your PC by using an Internet connection, and can create backups of your system files to let you recover your important data in case of a system crash. The best thing is that you can schedule all these tools to automatically do their work on a set calendar.

The program has almost everything that you may need to fine-tune your operating system, from startup to processing speed. Its built-in startup manager can boost up your computer’s booting speed amazingly just by removing all those unwanted programs from the system’s startup. You can also uninstall any program from your PC using this tool without going to your control panel.

Shortly, if you have this program on your PC, you will hardly feel the need for any other tool to keep your PC tuned up and running at the highest speed it can deliver. I would love to keep such a program on my PC if I ever need to reinstall my Windows.

jasminder singh
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